Lauren Lovett

Coaching for Artists

My personal mission is to help Artists feel confident in themselves and prepared for the next audition, pitch or project.

About Lauren

A graduate of the Juilliard Drama Division, Lauren (she/her pronouns) worked as a professional actor for several decades before happily joining the ranks of the supporting arts, coaching and offering tools, guidance, connection and release to artists and healers.

Whether you have an audition that requires a quick and dirty dialect study or are in it for the long haul of congruence with body, voice and soul, Lauren is here to help and to give you the tools you need to feel present.

Based in Los Angeles and someplace near Joshua Tree, Lauren is just an email away:

Dialect and Character Work

Every person has a unique way of physical and vocal expression. Let’s truly flesh out the role you’re playing so they are as interesting and as specific as you are.

Foundations Dialect Course: Learn the fundamentals of sound changes and the International Phonetic Alphabet in these 4 self-paced modules– click here to find out more…

Private sessions:

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Intimacy Coordination for Productions

Having been an actor, then a teacher of voice, speech and acting and a Somatic Experiencing practitioner, I am trauma informed and well acquainted with the anxiety that can simmer when working with sex and sexuality.

When I step into Intimacy Coordination, it’s about helping to provide an environment where artists feel safe, secure and free to explore the sexuality of the people in the stories they tell.

  • Intimacy Coordination and Choreography Trainings from
    • Theatrical Intimacy Education
    • Intimacy Professionals Association
  • Sexual Attitudes Reassessment (SAR) // Ohio Center for Relationship and Sexual Health

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Vocal Expression

Full vocal expression means a connection with oneself, having access to inner emotional life.

Working together with physical and emotional sensation, discovering areas of flow and areas of tension, we can heal broken connection and expand range and possibility.

Private Coaching Sessions are available in person and on zoom.

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Somatic Experiencing

This therapy modality is wonderful for artists as it uses the imagination in relationship with the body in order to process tension, anxiety, anger and grief.

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