The 360

This three month (12 week) program is for high functioning career oriented people who feel unsure how to move to the next level or who feel a sense of anxiety even when things seem fine, or are getting feedback from both personal and professional partners that they are finding challenging. This is also for folks going through some kind of transition, like wanting to change jobs or coming back to work after a leave or are on the verge of a breakthrough but the view has just gotten foggy as to how to proceed.


Using a three part system, we will work with your Somatic Responses and Processing, do some Courageous Questioning and Embodied Envisioning – those are the broad strokes.


We’ll be working with tools from varying areas of study like body alignment, breathwork and meditation as well as hypnosis and somatic stress release. The program includes some reading and writing exercises as well as time organization and self-nourishment strategies. We’ll also envision the bigger picture and what the future holds for you.


The cost for this customized individual coaching program, The 360 is $2100, that’s $175 per week.


The 360 is the first time I’m offering a multi-faceted individualized coaching program that fires on all cylinders and challenges me as well as you to use every modality and teaching I’ve studied so far.


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