Dialect Coaching

Voice and dialect work are an essential part of creating authentic stories for Film/TV and stage.


These elements can transform a piece of art so that it vibrates with heart-stopping nuance and color, surpassing all expectations.


My Juilliard education and my decades as both an actor and coach, give me the gift of flexibility to work differently with every artist, tapping into strengths and helping to clarify the task at hand. 


The director’s vision and the character’s realities are where we begin to craft our score.


Some actors are more visually inclined so we use visual tools including IPA symbols, modeling and imagery. 


Others are more aurally or kinesthetically oriented, so we proceed in a more physical way with “body talk” and sound exploration. 


In all respects, this is a layered process and requires the dedication of the artist and support from the creative team and the actor.

I offer Private sessions over zoom or in-person as well as a self-paced Foundations in Dialect course and a mini-course in British RP (think Bridgerton). 


click the image below for the course of your choice, and click HERE to book a session or a consultation.

Our Courses