I’m an experienced holistic dialect coach, working through the body. A practice that can help you feel confident in any dialect.
I offer 30 min or 60 min sessions depending on the amount of text you have and the difficulty of the dialect.
I have a self-lead online course, Foundations of a Holistic Dialect (including IPA) and an online mini course in British RP .
For full production dialect coaching, please email: for more information on process and rates.

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Using techniques from Rodenburg, Fitzmaurice and Alexander and others, we will reconnect to the breath, find supported tone placement and move through any blocks, so your voice can be free and resonant.

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SAG and Actor’s Equity have bravely called for new protocols for nudity and all simulated sex acts for stage and on-camera work. My experience as a professional actor and coach, and my training in Intimacy work from TIE, IDC and IPA make me a great fit for production work in this new realm.

Please email me at for more details.

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SE is a therapeutic practice where trauma is processed through the body. Many folks who’ve tried traditional therapy find that Somatic Experiencing is a helpful addition to talk therapy, and for those who haven’t dipped into the therapeutic arts, but are wanting to get some relief from anxiety or soul pain have loved this modality.

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Life in the arts and entertainment business can feel like being on a broken roller coaster, chaotic, unpredictable and overwhelming and unsafe. So many Artists feel like they are in a powerless place and therefore choices stem from fear. When we work together we’ll craft something just for you, based on your Natural Self and your own True Voice inside.

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